Our Story

In 2013, we had just moved back to Saskatchewan and were trying to figure out our living situation…rent or buy?  Like many others, that was the decision we had to make.  So we went online, searching through both options, and were quickly slapped in the face with a reality… house payments were affordable, but the down payment was nothing to snuff at!  To make things worse, we knew that if we got into the rental game, it would take years to save for that elusive down payment.  So we hummed and hawed for a few weeks and decided that buying was the better decision, even if that meant downsizing for the short term.


We ended up buying a condo and decided that we would save money and equity, and then upgrade in a few years.  In hind sight, that was the best decision we could have ever made!  Deciding to buy got us, “in the game”.  We were making payments each month and those payments were building us equity, allowing us to upgrade just a year and a half later.  That was even quicker than we planned, but the point was that if we would have rented from the beginning, we would still be saving for that first home.


Because of the experience we had, we wanted to help others “get in the game” as well. It became obvious that a Rent-to-Own program was the way to do that.  It would allow people to get into the home of their choice, all while saving for their down payment and/or fixing their credit.  It would fast track the process for them, and they would have a support system in place to help them accomplish their goals.


So in 2014, Blair’s Real Estate Solutions was formed and became part of Blair’s Family of Companies.  Blair’s Family of Companies is primarily an agricultural company, originated in 1948 by Sandy and Lyndsay Blair.  Recently, they have diversified into other business sectors such as real estate and logistics.  They have survived four generations by valuing transparency, honesty and service.  We live our lives with those values in mind, and run our business the same way.


– Brad & Kaitlyn Blair

Thank you for allowing us to tell you our story, we would love to hear yours!


Blairs Real Estate Solutions is a member of CAROP

The Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals is the collective voice of rent-to-own professionals across Canada who operate ethically and strive to create successful outcomes for their clients, their investors and their programs.