How It Works

In the past 5 years, average home prices in the Saskatoon area have increased by over $60,000!  Unfortunately, this increase has forced many hopeful homeowners into the rental market for another handful of years.

Our Rent to Own program allows you to save for your future home or repair your credit, all while living in the home you want.  During the Rent to Own term, we help you save your down payment and repair your credit!  Our commitment to you and your family is that we will set you up on a sure fire path to financial success.


If you are currently stuck in the rental market, we invite you to read a little more about our program through our Welcome Package provided on this page.

Our Process.

Because it doesn’t just happen with the snap of our fingers… Close though.

  • 1


    Review our Rent to Own Welcome Package

  • 2


    Complete the Future Homeowners Application

  • 3


    Your application will then be reviewed by our team

  • 4


    We contact you to set up a consultation

  • 5


    Create an Action Plan and find a house!

Check out our Rent to Own Welcome Package.

Have questions? Below are a few common ones that we have received.

Don’t worry, you can contact us if you have other questions.

How much do I need for an Initial Deposit?

We require a minimum deposit of $10,000.  The deposit depends on the value of the home as well as other factors.  To get a quote, compete our “Future Homeowners Application” and we will contact you directly.


How much is rent?

Rental prices change with market forecasts and are dependant on multiple factors. We do not sent a standard rent price. To get a quote, complete a “Future Homeowners Application” and we will contact you directly.

What happens if I can’t qualify for a mortgage?

Our goals align with yours – we want you to succeed at all costs. As long as you have followed our Action Plan set out at the beginning of the program, we will continue to work with you until you are able to get funding.

Where is your office?

We like to say our offices are all coffee shops in the area. We have a home based office, so we like to grab coffee with anyone who would like to chat about a Rent to Own. Besides, who wouldn’t like a free coffee!?

Can I get a receipt for my monthly payments?

Of course! We will send you a receipt for each and every payment you make.

I need somewhere to live today; can I?

Unfortunately we do not carry an inventory of homes. We allow our clients to choose their own home, so the process takes an average of 6 weeks.

Ready to rock? Apply online now!