The benefits to a Rent to Own program can be vast.  There are very few people who do what we do, which makes us unique in the marketplace.  Not only do we help with your down payment, but we also help with your credit which is an uncommon combination.  Think of us as an alternative to conventional financing.  Some benefits are obvious and some aren’t.  Here is a quick list.

  • 1

Guaranteed Down Payment

Through our payment structure, we help you save money each month so that when the end of the term comes, you will have enough money to put down to the lending institution of your choice.

  • 2

Credit Repair

In order to secure lending from a bank, your credit will need to be satisfactory.  At the beginning of the Rent to Own process, we will develop a Credit Plan for you so that when you purchase the home, your credit will not be an obstacle.

  • 3


Get into your home now!  Don’t struggle saving for a larger down payment while living in an apartment or basement suite.  Let us get you into the home of your dreams while you are saving so you have the space and freedom of every other home owner out there.

  • 4

Pets Welcome

As many pet owners can confirm, finding a rental unit that allows pets can be a challenge.  With our Rent to Own program, we welcome both you and your pets to your new home!

  • 5

Home Owner Freedom

Home owners will often choose a home with plans on making additions or changes to the property.  We welcome you to make any changes you would like to your house to make it your own!

  • 6


Some similar programs limit you to their current inventory or some selected homes.  Our program allows you to choose any home on the market, whether it is listed on the MLS or being sold privately.

  • 7

Flexible Payments

We have designed our program so that we can make personalized plans to each client.  We are able to make your payments fit your life so that you can succeed.

  • 8

Experienced Team

Our specialization is Rent to Owns and our team is dedicated to make sure you succeed with the program.  We will work to ensure you have affordable payments on a safe house that fits you and your family’s needs.

  • 9

Local Presence

Our team is all from the Saskatoon area, which gives you the benefit of local knowledge, expertise, and contacts.  We pride ourselves on being local and feel our clients take pride in that as well.

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