3 Ways to Spruce up your Kitchen

3 Ways to Spruce up your Kitchen

I am a believer that no matter how large your home’s kitchen is, every woman dreams of having even more space!  Whether it’s the pots and pans, or the set of 40 coffee mugs we own; there never seems to be an organized space to place them.  Keep reading to get 3 quick tips to spruce up your kitchen and organize your life:

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Step 1:  Let jars become your new best friend.  By organizing small snacks and candy into decorative jars you can accomplish two things at once; functionality and a colorful counter-top decoration!



Step 2:  Stop hoarding!  If you haven’t used or even looked at it in 2 years…donate it!


Step 3:  Three words…Glass ingredient storage.  Mason jars have about a million different uses, but this is one of my favorites!  Take a simple mason jar, fill each jar with different baking or cooking ingredients (ex. chocolate chips, flax, corn nuts, sugar), throw a decorative label on it, and place it in your cupboards.  Your cupboards will thank you for this!


Still stumped?  Let Spruce come in and take a look…We’re excited to now offer home decor and room consultations to our exciting list of services.  To find out more, give us a call at 306-360-7544.


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Kaitlyn Blair
Kaitlyn Blair

Kaitlyn plays a major role in the home renovation part of the real estate business and has a real knack for home design. Kaitlyn's passion and eye for home decor has led to the making of another great business, Spruce Home Staging & Design. Kaitlyn is thrilled to now be working one on one with clients to help make their homes a place they're excited to show off, as well as help design and stage Blair's Real Estate flip properties.